A.I. VALI provides four categories of services for the analysis of medical images, customized for the needs of each of our clients.

Research and Development:
Our expertise in the development and validation of new drugs, therapeutic models, and clinical trials, enable us to offer R&D proficiency combined with our A.I. platforms. These A.I. platforms empower pharmaceutical industries to incorporate A.I. tools from the early stages of drug development to Phase IV clinical trials. Medical image analysis tools are critical for the development of new procedures and  in early detection of diseases such as cancer. Our services and proprietary A.I. platforms enable “virtual biopsies” and advance the innovative field of radiomics, which focus on harnessing image-based algorithms to characterize the phenotypes and genetic properties of tumors. These tools can be used for the early detection of disease (such as cancer), identification of the best biomarker or companion diagnostic, the development of combined image analysis platforms or algorithms (e.g. radiology, histopathology and genomics) to build the best-practice therapeutic models.

Companion Diagnostics and Biomarkers:
According to Jeffrey Golden, MD, Chair of the Dept. of Pathology at BWH and a professor of pathology at HMS, “70 percent of all decisions in healthcare are based on a pathology result and somewhere between 70 and 75 percent of all the data in an EHR are from a pathology result. So, the more accurate we get, and the sooner we get to the right diagnosis, the better we’re going to be. That’s what digital pathology and A.I. has the opportunity to deliver.”

A.I. VALI’s artificial intelligence tools  were developed based on histopathology digitized images.They enable pathologists and clinical researchers to accurately define the molecular pathways in cancer tissue specimens, to identify critical biomarkers or companion diagnostics that can then be used in drug development or to monitor patient responses to treatment.

A.I.-IMC is a product based on Image Mass Cytometry technology and is capable of analyzing up to 40 biomarkers on the same tissue image.

A.I. Tools offered through A.I. VALI Platforms:
Current A.I. Tools are:

  • Detection of tumor in a digitized image
  • Detection of immune cells and locate immune cells in tumor vs stroma and provide quantitative analysis
  • Detection of nuclei and histone and provide quantitative analysis
  • Detection of specific cell bio-markers and provide quantitative analysis (IHC or IMC)

Development & Validation:
The development of machine-learning or deep-learning algorithms requires access to proper data sets and the ability to validate the outcomes of analysis based on different data sets. A.I. VALI provides  a team of A.I. experts and proprietary data sets to support your organization’s research and development efforts.

Regulatory Compliance:
A.I. VALI is a medical device company offering Software as a Service (SaaS). Therefore, all the processes, protocols and algorithms are built in such a way as to be regulatory-compliant. Our team has a track record of successful 510K FDA submissions.

Data Bank:
Collaborations with many academic and biotech industries allowed A.I. VALI to build a data set of specific histopathology images from different cancer types and stages. These data sets can be used to train multiple algorithms and to validate algorithms properly.